The Grail Quest

A four Weekend

Personal Growth Adventure

Milwaukee, WI

The Story Begins...

What is the meaning of the Grail? 

Who does the grail serve?
Throughout much of western literature we find the etrernal Quest motif. From  Homer's Oddssey to James Joyce"s masterpiece Ulysses we can see this powerful symbol of initiation and questing. In the work of Jospeh Campbell, Carl Gustav Jung and Dr. Robert Moore this theme is explored and worked and it has yoielded some of the highest and yet most grounded spiritual insights of the modern era.
In this closed group four weekend experience, we will explore thses themes as they relate to personal transformation. Some of what we will be using for this exploration 
  • Holotropic Breathwork
  • Psychodrama
  • Mythic Imagination
  • C.G. Jung's map of the soul
  • Jospeph Campbell's mythological teachings
  • Dr Edward Edingner's  Ego-Self Axis explored and related to the Quest as the Stormy search for the Self
  • Insights into Initiation as the main dynamic pattern for psycho-spiritual growth
  • Closed Group which will add to the safety allowing deep personal work 

This workshop is being led by James Frazier

James has over three decades of experience in leading personal growth workshops and seminars. He has led workshops throughout the US, and In Europe and Canada.

James has been a serious student and teacher of Jungian psychology as well as the work of Neo-Jungian theroists such as Dr. Robert Moore. He is a certified Holotropic Breathwork facilitator and was in the first group of practitioners to receive a certification to practoice Holotropic Breathwork from the developer of that process,  Dr. Stanislav Grof.

​He received his Master of Arts from Bath Spa University in Bath, England. 
For more information please contact James Frazier

[email protected]

Below is a video of my main mentor in all this work, the late Dr. Robert Moore. I had the great priviledge of knowing Robert and being mentored by his great body of work which i was introduced to by Dr. ron Herring back in 1990.
By 1992 after meeting Robert and getting his encouragement, I began teaching his work to my clients in both individual and group setting.
I can honestly say it is the most powerful model of the psyche I have ever found. It build on and extends the work of C.G. Jung. 
Just to show we are not completly without humor....